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New Leaf Massage

 Within every New Leaf clinic is a gifted team of massage therapists ready to serve your health and wellness needs. Specializing in an array of different modalities New Leaf Massage bring the feel of a medical spa to your everyday experience. Reflexology, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pin & Stretch, Prenatal Massage, Sports Therapy, Swedish, Range of Motion, Injury Recovery, Trigger Point,  Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, and Cranial Sacral. Whether you're looking to just relax or you need more of a therapeutic healing touch, New Leaf Massage has got what you need.

Simply Thrive Psychotherapy

Meet Dr. Nichole Seymanski of “Simply Thrive Psychotherapy”.​ As an empathetic and non-judgmental therapist, my goal is to help you feel comfortable and connected to the therapeutic process.  If you are looking for some extra guidance and support through a challenging situation, or have chosen to move forward in a new direction, or if you have been struggling for what feels like your whole life, engagement in the right type of therapy at the right time can provide you the momentum to Simply Thrive in you life. 

Simply Soft Waxing & Skin Care

RaeAnne Mason of “Simply Soft”  is a professional licensed Esthetician who loves pampering and making her clients feel relaxed and comfortable. She specializes in full body waxing hair removal for both men and women including Brazilian bikini waxing, eyebrow waxing and shaping, brow and lash tinting. Her skin care line is a holistic bontanicals line "Only Yourx Skin Care" designed for individual skin care services such as facials, chemical peels customized to the clients individual conditions.  Military Discounts! 

Russel Chiropractic

Dr. Jaron Banks' philosophy is simple.  The power that made the body, heals the body. It is our focus at this office to support this natural intelligence which regulates your body and your health. We focus on removing interference to your body’s mechanisms of self healing and self regulating.  We support your body, so your body can support you!  Along with precise adjustments to the spine and extremities,  His passion is helping people like you enjoy their sport and recreation to the fullest, without being held back by new, old or recurrent injuries. 

Back On Track Chiropractic

As soon as you meet Dr. Tromboni, you’ll know you are in good hands. Dr. Tromboni has been practicing Chiropractic Care for the past 17 years, and he is committed to helping all his patients live the wellness lifestyle. Dr. Tromboni decided to become a chiropractor as a result of injuries he received during a car accident in high school. After many months of disabling back and neck pain, he found relief after a friend suggested he see a chiropractor. That experience had a profound effect which led him on his journey to help others. 

Finesse Chiropractic

Dr. Kunikiyo comes with 27 years of experience in chiropractic—utilizing gentle, specific, hands-on adjusting that gets results! He uses the following diagnostic and adjusting techniques to get these superior results:

  • Gonstead technique—thought by many chiropractors to be the most effective hands-on adjusting technique in chiropractic;
  • Motion Palpation—a diagnostic technique that addresses the basis of the subluxation—joint dysfunction
  • Diversified technique

Cosmas Integrative Medicine

Dr. Louise Boxill, ARNP, CNM, ND is a skilled and experienced nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, and naturopathic physician as well as New Leaf Hyperbarics very own overseeing physician. Her strengths include integration of her multiple degrees in various treatment modalities, and collaborative care resulting in powerful primary and complementary approaches and solutions to patient medical conditions. She believes in nurturing healthy relationship and promoting healing by natural means when possible. 

Hawks Prairie Physical Therapy

Specializing in Knee, Hip, Shoulder and Back Injuries. We offer different rehabilitation options that allow you to work with physical therapists and qualified staff members to create a rehabilitation program to fit your needs. We promote a healthy lifestyle while helping you return from injury to get you back to the things you enjoy doing and to lead a healthier and more active life.  We offer our patients orthopedic rehabilitation, work conditioning and work hardening under the direction of highly qualified physical therapists. 

Aesthetic Surgery Centre

Our award-winning surgeons, Dr. Ehret, Dr. Woodman and Dr. Pratt, along with their skilled staff, will provide you with accurate, honest and comprehensive advice to ensure that you can make the very best decision possible for yourself. Aesthetic Surgery Centre is a unique, full-service cosmetic enhancement facility. We offer a supportive, relaxing atmosphere for our clientele. Whether you are interested in spa treatments, anti-aging procedures or life-altering cosmetic reconstruction, our professional staff and experienced physicians are here to guide you every step of the way. 

Balanced Nutrition, LLC

Mara Gunn RN, NTP is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is also skilled in muscle testing and is currently continuing her education in functional nutrition. Her nursing experience spanned nearly 4 decades in hospitals, home health, and cancer clinics, mostly caring for cancer patients. For the past 15 years, she has been counseling patients on healthier options for food and nutrition, in supporting their health during and after cancer treatment. 


OxyHealth is the world’s leading provider of hyperbaric chambers. Presently, OxyHealth is the pioneer of the industry with over 12,000 chambers in use, more than all other manufacturers combined. OxyHealth continues to remain at the forefront of superior performance, quality and cutting-edge design concepts that meet and/or exceed federal safety standards. 

Michelyn Gjurasic, Pathfinder

 I work with people who are ready to tell a new story about themselves.

Is it time to uncover your inner hero?  It's in there, you know.  All you need to do is recognize how you came to your own rescue when you were younger.  You just need to understand that your perceived "weaknesses" are actually your superpowers in disguise.

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

No medical claims are being made by New Leaf Hyperbarics, their Subsidiaries and Franchisees beyond the hyperbaric chambers intended use. The FDA 510(k) approved intended use is, “to provide mild hyperbaria for the treatment of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and its associated mild symptoms”.