Thank you for your interest in our hyperbaric chambers and concentrators.

Our products are certified and tested with the highest scrutiny for use in many treatment indications including (13) approved by the FDA.

We know that there is a growing number of hyperbaric manufacturing companies in the States. Through our extensive research, we have found none that compare to the quality of the Oxyhealth, USA brand.

Only Oxyhealth chambers are utilized by over 400 NFL players, the Olympic Water Polo Team, and so many other famous athletes and personalities.

When looking to rent or purchase a chamber, we hope you, too, will research where the chambers are manufactured, and what sort of customer service and support accompany the warranty!

The oxygen concentrator we use is provided by AirSep, one of the leading manufacturer’s in the USA.

Mild Hyperbaric Chambers

Hard Hyperbaric Chambers

Oxygen Concentrators

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