Mild Hyperbaric Chambers

We carry the full line of mild hyperbaric chambers from OxyHealth, one of the leading industry providers of hyperbaric chambers in the US.

Please click on the link below if you would like to see more information about the chambers we carry.

Vitaeris 320

Vitaeris-Tacoma Hyperbaric Clinic-New Leaf

Full Package: $22,700.00

Respiro 270

Tacoma Hyperbaric Clinic-New Leaf-Respiro 270

Full Package: $15,000.00

Solace 210

Tacoma Hyperbaric Clinic-New Leaf-Solace 210

Full Package: $10,000.00

We suggest with all of our chambers that an oxygen concentrator is purchased/rented to help gain the full advantage of the therapy. We have tested and suggest only one type of concentrator for the job, see that HERE.