Rental Information

The same high-quality Oxyhealth Hyperbaric chambers we utilize in our clinics are also available for rent and sale.


Due to difficulty in mobility, proximity to our clinic, or convenience, sometimes it is simpler to rent a chamber for home use. Because of this we offer a rental program, as well as a purchasing program for our Hyperbaric Chambers.

Our rental packages include an oxygen concentrator, and all other necessary equipment.

All rentals require a one time $300.00, fully refundable cleaning deposit.
All rentals also require a non-refundable shipping to/from charge of $800.00.
If, at any time you decide to keep and purchase your chamber, 1/2 of all your payments will be applied to your purchase price.

Mild Hyperbaric Chambers


$2,450.00 /month

  • Price includes concentrator & all equipment.
  • This is the same, roomy model used in our clinics.
  • It is best known for holding it’s value.
  • Enough room for two!
  • The best value for the size.
Vitearis 320

Product Information

$1,550.00 /month

  • Price includes concentrator & all equipment.
  • This is a mid-sized unit.
  • Overall 27″ in diameter.
  • Great for single occupancy
  • Very comfertable and affordable.
Respiro 270

Product Information