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    R. Brown
    Neuromuscular Disease (Similar to Muscular Dystrophy) I have a neuromuscular disease and the results of my hyperbaric treatments are so astonishing as to be unbelievable.  I began treatments after over 10 years of steadily increasing pain, which no drug could relieve and massage could only relieve temporarily.  Pain, often unbearable pain, accompanied every routine daily activity. I was steeling myself for every movement, still letting out a yelp or crying during a bad spasm. I could not sleep for the pain, which is what finally drove me to try hyperbaric therapy.  From the first treatment, the results were stunning. Within two days, I was able to stand up to use my walker without the customary accompanying pain in my leg muscles and joints.  By the fifth treatment my constant shoulder, arm and hand pain had moderated to the extent I could hold a pen and write legibly, which had been impossible for months. Best of all, I was sleeping again. Hallelujah!  After seven treatments, the pain, all of it, was gone.  Gone!  The list of positive changes is almost endless. It can be embarrassing to talk about because the effects really do seem like a miracle.  But, in the interest of urging others to try hyperbaric therapy, here goes.... Effects I've experienced:  Eliminated muscle spasms, joint pain, muscle pain, inflexible and curled fingers, incontinence Increased dexterity, strength, stamina, tolerance for heat, sensation in feet, movement of feet Effect on Activities (things I could not do before treatment) Sleeping, extended use of eating utensils, chopping food, some fingertip control, writing, buttoning, picking up full glasses of water, dressing /grooming without pain, driving without pain, removing caps from bottles, resumed swimming, which I had given up 18 months before because of shoulder and neck pain.
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    James D.
    Mother suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Amazing, absolutely amazing!!! My 88-year-old mother in law has been having mobility problems since sustaining a traumatic brain injury after falling on the ice three years ago. Her tiny 3 inch shuffling steps and poor balance have been keeping her homebound - until now. She went in for her first treatment at New Leaf Hyperbarics ~ Hyperbaric Therapy today and the results are miraculous. She is walking again, taking real steps and her balance is dramatically improved after 1 hour-long session. The therapy was so relaxing, she didn’t want the treatment to end. Guess where I am going on my next day off!
  • Nancy G.
    Post Facial Surgery Healing Just had my first of three treatments to speed my blepharoplasty recovery, and I already see a difference! Less swollen, less bruised, and I feel more energetic/awake/healthy. Thanks New Leaf Hyperbarics!
  • Lana L.
    Noticed Many Improvements Of all the benefits I was thinking I would experience from my consistent visits to New Leaf Hyperbarics, losing five years off my face was not one I expected. My skin looks amazing and it's great to actually look like the 24 year old that I am now! 🙂 Thanks, y'all!
  • Todd J.
    Grandfather treated for Memory/Alzheimer's Our 90 yr old grandfather was getting a little confused. He’s always been so sharp and healthy, that it really disturbed him to forget things. He tried 7 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber (Vitearis) and he loved it. He comes out each time and within an hour, has more spring in his step and says he feels like he has more clarity. We are considering putting Grandma in now, for her arthritis, because he says it helped with his.
  • Christian K.
    Wife treated for Fibromyalgia New Leaf Hyperbarics has helped my wife enjoy a pain free life more than any other treatment she has tried! Anyone with the need to reduce inflammation in their bodies would be well suited to try New Leaf Hyperbarics in my strong opinion. Thank you New Leaf!
  • Sam W.
    Treated for Diabetic Ulcers I work in an environment that is highly toxic. It doesn’t help my diabetic ulcers, for sure. Anyway, I had ulcers on both my legs that really drove me crazy, especially at night. After doing a number of dives, I noticed that they were fading away. Now all that remains of them are dark splotches. I'm gonna see how things continue to change.
  • Angie C.
    Spouse treated for Migraines My husband is an army vet, who dealt with bombs and other loud exploding things. Since he came back, he has ringing in his ears, sleeps really poorly, and has migraines every single day. We just started hyperbaric therapy and are really excited to see him sleeping better, and his migraines only come about once per week. We are curious to see what it does for his hearing issues, but no matter what, we consider this a great therapy and are glad to be doing it.
  • Hugh J.
    Father treated for Radiation Burns After my father went through radiation therapy for his prostate cancer, he had a lot of issues with his ability to eat certain foods, as well as incontinence. The oncologist said it was due to radiation burns and scarring inside his body. We read an article in a health magazine that said hyperbaric therapy could help burn victims. Now Dad sleeps over 6 hours each night without any incontinence issues, and he can eat some of the foods that originally gave him a lot of problems. We believe that he is really on the road to recovery and without all the ugly possible side-effects of the medications out there.
  • Annette L.
    Treated for Fibromyalgia So, its official! I saw my rheumatologist on Monday and I went from having 18 of 18 trigger points positive to having only 8 slightly tender!! Thanks to New Leaf Hyperbarics ~ Hyperbaric Therapy for making me feel soooo much better! My doctor was impressed by my improvement because I've been at the same levels for years. Yippee!
  • Rebecca P.
    Treated for Pre/Post Surgery Breast Cancer took my left breast, and I decided to have an augmentation to try and look normal again. I did a number of hbt treatments before and after the surgery, and the doctor and I (and my loving husband) were incredibly pleased with the minimal scarring and the quick recovery time. I believe it was the hbt that really made the difference.
  • Rachel H.
    Treated for Aches, Pains & Migraines I started going here about a month ago for my migraines and ALL my other body aches, it's helped running has gotten easier, I suggest if ur in pain, u give it a try (plus the "New Leaf" girls there r awesome)!!!!
  • Kelsey B.
    Treated for Lyme Disease When I was visiting my brother in Virginia, I was bitten by a tick. I had the full-on multiple ring target shape. I thought I would die, but I got better… for awhile. Then I had times where my joints would just ache. It was terrible. I tried various medications, but the side-effects were almost as bad. I did some hyperbaric treatments on a whim and noticed a few things right away. I slept better, my joints didn’t hurt so much, and I noticed the area of the bite showed the rings again, but lighter. After another ten treatments, the rings went away, and my body seems back to normal. I will finish out my package of treatments, but mostly because the people at New Leaf are so fun to work with 🙂
  • Michelle O.
    Family treated for Cancer Both of my parents are cancer survivors, and I’ve lost all but one grandparent to cancer. Now I have three young children of my own and I’m doing everything I can to keep them cancer free. I read that most cancer cells suffocate when exposed to oxygen, so that is why I take my entire family in for treatments at the clinic. I may never be able to prove that hyperbarics kept my kids safer, but I don’t care. I will do everything I can to make sure they are healthy and protected.
  • John S.
    Observation of Cerebral Palsy treatment I watched a young man with CP come out of the chamber after only 3 sessions and he could move his hand again. He said that he hadn’t been able to do that in years. It was awesome to see how excited he was. It made me realize how much I take for granted when it comes to health.
  • Ramona M.
    Treated for Fibromyalgia I have suffered from fibromyalgia for several years now. Everything seems to hurt. Chronic pain is really depressing. My daughter talked me into trying this hyperbaric thing out and I figured I had nothing to lose. I am so glad I did. I don’t know if there is less pain, or if my tolerance went up or what, but I feel so much better. I don’t dread waking up each day. It took me a handful of treatments, but now I think I may even buy a chamber for my home. My doctor is amazed at the difference in me too.
  • Paul S.
    Treated for Athleticism My wife and I are avid cyclists. She trains year-round, but I tend to take the colder seasons off. Needless to say, come Spring, when I get my bike out of storage, she is light-years ahead of me in speed and endurance. I started doing a couple hyperbaric treatments each week for the past few months and when I got my bike out and went with her, not only could I keep up, I passed her. Guess who signed up to do hyperbaric therapy now?
  • Lisa R.
    Observation of Cerebral/Bell's Palsy treatment My friend had Bell’s palsy and a dozen treatments at the hyperbaric clinic helped her face look much more normal. I was impressed.
  • Colby J.
    Treated for Arthritis I work as a landscaper, so it stinks that when the weather turns, my hands get really achy and stiff. My chiropractor suggested that I try out hyperbaric therapy, so I did. Three dives. That’s all it took for me to notice a change. I am telling all my friends too.
Allison R.

Treated for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 1996 and am currently in a wheelchair. I have Optic Neuritus, which has dimmed my vision, and the chamber has helped me tremendously. I have clarity and crispness in my vision now that I’ve not experienced in years. In addition, the chamber has made a night and day difference with my MS related fatigue. I used to have to take afternoon naps daily. After my 5th chamber treatment, that stopped being necessary and I now rarely, if ever, require a nap. I’ve also noticed a marked improvement in the dexterity in my fingers and balance in my torso. Overall I have increased energy and strength. I plan to have hyperbarics as a part of my life from here on out.

Karen Z.

Treated for ADD / ADHD
I have had ADHD as long as I can remember. Now one of my kids has it too. I wasn’t diagnosed back then- they just said I was hyperactive and lacked focus. I’m glad to have a better understanding of things, now that my son depends on me. When I have a treatment, I am able to focus on all the things I need to accomplish without getting overwhelmed. I am more productive at work, and I am happier overall. I call my treatments my “ME-Time”. Sometimes I can go weeks without needing any therapy, but when times get chaotic, I’m calling New Leaf right away. It really makes a difference.

Katie R.

Daughter treated for Autism
Our 8 yr old daughter has autism. We tried mild hyperbaric therapy on the off-chance that it could help with her communication, social skills, etc. After just 5 treatments we began to really see a change in her. She seemed happier, more connected, and acted…more like a “normal” kid her age should. Her teachers are amazed at how she’s improving too. She actually enjoys her treatments, and has asked to go back “for a dive.” We think it has not only helped her, but has benefitted our entire family. We are amazed that something so seemingly simple can have such wonderful results! Many Thanks to the New Leaf Hyperbaric Therapy Team!

Jackie & David M.

Son treated for Stroke
Our 21 yr. old son had a drug-induced stroke last summer. He went from being a lively young man to a almost helpless boy. It was heartbreaking. The doctors say there isn’t much we can do from here on out, except to find ways to live with his new “level of understanding and ability.” We won’t stand for that. We have been trying everything under the sun. The acupuncture was good, and the nutrition changes seemed to help a little too. But it was when he started (mHBT) that we really saw his “spark” show up again. He has better mobility than before hyperbaric therapy. Most importantly, his personality has come back. His daughter feels like she’s getting her Daddy back.


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