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Hyperbaric Therapy Benefits: Mild hyperbaric therapy has been shown to greatly reduce healing time and improve numerous medical conditions. Check out the Conditions page for more information. Please note, this is a partial list… there is no telling how many conditions can benefit from decreased inflammation, & improved oxygenation and circulation.

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What is Hyperbaric Therapy?
By placing the body in a pressurized environment, oxygen is able to saturate the liquids of the body. This enables the growth of new blood vessels and cells, and the reparation of damaged tissues.
When provided with the tools our bodies need, we can better achieve the health goals that we set for ourselves.
Visit the Science page to learn more.

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With Hyperbarics, many report experiencing increased stamina, and a sense of well-being. Athletes notice improved performance and students have experienced better focus and recall. Patients with chronic conditions often experience a lessening of symptoms, allowing them to live more productive lives. Visit the Blog page to read some great testimonials.

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