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Anti-Aging and Hyperbarics Testimonial

Morgan writes: “My experience with New Leaf began when they first opened years ago. I think it was mostly Chad, Cat, and Sara in those early days. I received a Groupon describing the treatment and was skeptical at first. I visited the clinic and Chad must have spent 45 minutes educating me, giving me information on the science and asking me questions about my lifestyle choices and what issues I was experiencing.

I also did my own research and found consistently that Chad and Cat were 100% right about hyperbaric oxygen treatment according to the world class experts and case studies I researched. I have never looked back since that time.

I am 62 years old and still play basketball with 20-30 year-olds 3-4 times a week with impact and energy. I try to visit the clinic several times every month and consider it an essential part of my overall well-being. I tell all my friends, clients, and family about New Leaf and will continue to visit the clinic for my treatments forever.

Thank you, New Leaf, for giving me something that works every time and has given me longevity in all areas of my life.”


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