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New Leaf Meets Summit to Sea!

Ever since we discovered the amazing chambers (and the even more amazing people) at Summit to Sea last year, we had been dying to see it all in person. Luckily, we found the perfect opportunity this May when we signed up as sponsors for the Spring Virtual AAMP conference. This conference brings together the top Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine doctors in the country to expand their knowledge on a variety of medical topics. Our featured speaker for the event was none other than Dr. Paul Harch, the premiere hyperbaric physician and researcher in America. It was such an honor to have Dr. Harch speak on the use of hyperbaric therapy for COVID-19 and Long Hauler’s Syndrome on behalf of New Leaf Hyperbarics.

The wonderful owners of Summit to Sea, Bruce and Judy, invited our team to their warehouse in Minnesota to run our virtual vendor booth. We had such a great week spending quality time with Bruce and Judy, learning all about how they found this therapy and what drives them to continually push the envelope on advancing the safety and innovation of their chambers. We also had the very rare opportunity to assemble and use every single chamber within the Summit lineup. From our vendor booth at the warehouse, we were able to give doctors tours of the chambers, demonstrating each one so they could truly imagine the potential for their clinics and patients.

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to meet our Summit to Sea friends and look forward to making many more memories! Here are some photos from our trip!